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Meeting Dates – January – April 2024



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When does the Parish Council meet?

The Parish Council meets three times a month generally on a Thursday with the exception of August when there are no meetings. For the dates of Council meetings please refer to the diary of meetings page.


Where do the meetings take place?

Meetings take place in The Centre and commence at 6.30pm.


Can I attend a Parish Council meeting?

Yes, you can. There is a 20-minute public participation session at the beginning of the meeting for members of Brinsworth Parish to raise concerns or ask questions. Once the formal meeting starts members of the public are welcome to stay and observe but cannot approach the Parish Council or interrupt proceedings.


How can I contact the Parish Council to raise a query, report a matter of concern or to provide information?

Contact the Parish Clerk at or telephone 01709 9168960 (option 1).


What are the items of business for the different Parish Council meetings?

Below is an example of agenda items that may be discussed at each of the different Parish Council meetings.


Ordinary Meeting

  • Receive and discuss policy issues and updates
  • Consider planning applications
  • Receive reports from Councillors / Clerk regarding any meetings, training or conferences attended on behalf of the Parish Council
  • Receive presentations from other agencies regarding any local issues
  • Receive Ward Councillor updates
  • Receive and discuss items of correspondence
  • Consider staffing issues
  • Consider promotion and marketing issues including the Website and Newsletter
  • To review and develop the Parish plan
  • Establish Committees


Annual Meeting (Held in May)

  • Election of the Chair and Vice-chair of the Parish Council
  • To select Parish Council representatives on other bodies working groups
  • To review Standing Orders
  • To review Financial Regulations
  • To review the Code of Conduct


Finance Meeting

  • To approve the annual budget
  • To agree project priorities
  • To set the annual precept
  • To approve the monthly bank reconciliation and risk assess all receipts and payments
  • To approve items for payment
  • To discuss the quarterly budget monitoring statement
  • To approve the year end accounts, annual return and annual governance statement
  • To consider donation requests from local organisations that benefit the local community
  • To consider grant requests that benefit the local community
  • To review employee rates of pay
  • To review fees and charges
  • To review the annual auditors report
  • To review all financial systems and procedures


Events & Premises Meetings  (These are currently included in the Ordinary or Finance Meetings)

  • To receive reports from the various events working party meetings, i.e. Village fete and remembrance weekend
  • To allocate and approve event budgets
  • To receive an update on bookings
  • To receive an update on The Centre
  • To discuss and approve maintenance requirements of the Pavilion and playing fields
  • To review facility opening times
  • To review hire agreement rules and regulations
  • To review fees and charges


Due to the confidential nature of some agenda items it is sometimes necessary to exclude the press and public from parts of a meeting which is pursuant to Section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (admissions to meetings) Act 1960. A good example of this are staffing issues.